Designer Profiles

Megan Williams aka JustRunKnit

For me, knitting is so much more than just a fiber art, needle craft, or hobby. It is a shared interest that connects me with countless other wonderful people, and the starting point to so many dear friendships. Over the years, as I grew more particular about my finished objects, I began modifying and changing them, and fell in love with the mathematics involved with designing knitwear. I strive to make my designs simple, yet visually interesting, and to make the process of knitting them enjoyable. I love seeing happy knitters, who are proud of what they created.

Cori Eichelberger aka irocknits

It's all about the color; I like to surround myself with colorful expressions, colorful friends, colorful clothing and colorful days. I am not a fan of grey or garter stitch so you probably won't find me toiling away on a beige garter stitch shawl. I love knitting sweaters and have been designing them in my head for years. As my daughter, an only child, left for college last fall, I decided to take a running jump into the world of knitting design and teaching. My idea to write a knitting pattern book, once shared with a dear friend, is becoming a reality and a color work sock pattern and three sweaters are currently in development.

Megan and Cori travel together to knitting events all of the US, and frequently meet up to knit and chat!

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  1. Just saw your interview with Kristy Glass, because of her I wouldn't have heard about you lovely ladies since I live in Chesapeake, VA. Thanks for a great interview and for publishing your book that I just bought this morning �� Can't wait to knit all the beautiful designs you ladies came up with.